Missions Trips

Current Trip: Lima, Peru - July 5-16, 2014
Agenda: Evangelism, Youth, Planning

Prayer Points:

  1. Provision: The people God wants to go on these trips would be able to go - God would draw them to sign up, bring in the funds, & work out their schedules.

  2. Protection: Favor and safety (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritially - prayer AGAINST attacks of the Enemy) for the team(s) as they travel throughout the entire trip - from home and back.

  3. Equipping: God would remove inhibitions from the team(s) as they go; that they could use the talents/abilities & experience/wisdom that God has blessed them with to HIS fullest potential during the trip.

  4. Anointing: the Holy Spirit would anoint everyone who goes for accomplishing God's will.

  5. Opportunity: God would prepare the hearts and minds of each country's people ahead of time to hear the Gospel and that divine appointments would be made so the team can witness, pray for and bless.    

  6. Team unity (physically, mentally and spiritually).

  7. Leaders: Pray for their direction, vision and discernment.

  8. Well-Being: Peace and comfort back home for loved ones while the team is on the trip.